My Brother

Prompt 4

There is something wonderful about the way
you used to sit with me
in early morning darkness,
both of us wondering
about life’s mysteries.
Four years old
and already you were eager
to seize the world.
Though you did not know it,
your loyalty touched me.
Excitement raced through me
each time you woke me
in with hushed eagerness,
ready to play.
We spent hours imagining,
Time flew by as the minutes ticked past,
slowly growing closer to 6am.
In our youth we saw
what so many seem to forget:
There are some things
more important than sleep.
We were the best of friends,
spending our early mornings
with games of pretend.
My brother, you have grown so fast,
but these memories will last forever.

-h.e.m. 11:00 am

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