I Never Believed In Magic

Poem 2

I never believed in magic
Until I saw the way your eyes danced
When he stood in front of you.
Then I almost believed,
For what else
Could cause the mind to reel
And the heart to pound
And the lungs to break
The way yours did
When you saw him?
Perhaps I did not believe in Magic,
But I saw the spell he had cast upon you.
I never believed in Magic
Until I saw the way
Your heart soared
And your tears fluttered away
When he said,
“I love you.”
Then I nearly believed.
For what else
Could transform your very mind
Like this did?
I never believed in Magic
Until the day he left you,
Your heart crushed between his fingertips,
Your eyes red with the pain of heartbreak.
He looked at your pain and smiled,
And suddenly the spell was broken.
And I did not believe in Magic.
Only pain.
I never believed in Magic
Until those glowing green eyes
Looked into mine
And told me I was beautiful.
Then my heart soared
And my mind reeled
And the ground beneath me seemed to spin.
I never believed in Magic.
But maybe
I did.

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