My Poetry Journey

Hey everybody! My name is Hannah. I’m sixteen years old, and I’ve been writing poetry since I was 14. Over the past two years, I’ve written over 400 poems. I hope to publish a book of poetry within the next few years. Poetry began as a means of expression for me,a way to share the words I did not know how to speak out loud. Since then it has become so much more. I’ve been described as ‘an old soul’ and someone who can put things into writing that I have never experienced. Poetry allows me to use those gifts to my advantage and apply my observations in a way that is tangible and understandable. I am very passionate about mental health and helping people to see their value as humans in spite of their flaws. Many times it is easy to get so caught up in our thoughts that we forget to express them. Poetry helps me to slow down, think, and express myself, whether it is through messy, raw emotion or careful contemplation. It has helped me to find my voice. I hope some of you find it worthwhile to listen.

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