Music Inspires Me

Music leads the way in which we move, think and create.

As India encourages us to “Get it together.” Embracing our uniqueness and undocumented beauty.

Standing in formation while I’m telling these tears, “Go and fall away, fall away”,

oh, may the last one burn into flames.”

Freedom lives in the mind and maybe this is all just a game and we just need to stop

chasing waterfalls.

Knowing my feet is my only carriage so I’ve got to push on through it all.

On and on Lauren keeps killing me softly with her song.

Whether we are ready or not we want to settle the score.

Continuously told keep ya head up as we question what’s going on around us every day.

We must fight the powers that be so our children can be free.

Jhene comforting us with a frequency towards the hope that someday we’ll all be free.

I just want some real love in my next lifetime so I can be golden and glisten upon the waves of the sea.

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