Leave them in awe of your determination.

Give them a lesson on your resilience.

Teach them to hold space for your presence.

Lead them towards an openness that closes the door to perceptions.

Hold them gently within the moments you share.

Leave them with a legacy to carry when you transition and the physical can no longer be there.

Give them a playbook to guide them towards self-sufficiency.

Teach them the truth about their ancestry and the power running through their veins.

Hold them in times of sorrow and pain.

Leave them better than you found them, so rejection doesn’t drive them insane.

Give them praise as they develop into their own uniqueness.

Teach them love is not conditional but transformative in each individual.


  1. Congrats on your book of poetry and great title for it!! This poem resonated with me – teaching our children and guiding them and helping them to know the transformative power of love. You have important message in your poems! Keep sharing!

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