A Threaten Torch

A Threated Torch

A threatened torch I carry,

To a promised victory.

From every tempter, task and foe,

I must swiftly flee.


Though fears and torment taunt me,

My mission fixed – I see,

Appointed and anointed

To reach my destiny.


A threatened torch I bear,

My triumphant end not seen,

The wars of life have left their marks,

Oh tumultuous climb to Glory!


My heart is steadfast; body frayed,

Not always meet to reach

the journey filled with the unforeseen,

Sometimes success, sometimes defeat.


A threatened torch I uphold,

With honor to achieve,

And evil jeers to drown out the cheers

of laborers here to guide me.


Doubts march in to drench the fires

That lights this bittersweet avenue,

My continence waves a spectrum of hope,

Empowered – not subdued!


A threatened torch I carry,

I am on bended knee.

I lift it high as mountains rise,

The gift of Faith to lead me.

Manifold challenges I still face,

I expect and perceive

That the enemy knows.

It is no mystery.


A threatened torch I burn,

Flaming cinders spark my advance,

Hurling me valiantly from helps need,

Before His throne I take my stance.


Life for me unfolded in a scroll,

And each page given a *,

“Marked For Glory!


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