Introduction to me

My name is Harvey.

I grew up on the east coast and escaped to the west coast.

Then I found you can’t run away from you.

What I was really trying to find was inside.

Stay with me here…

There’s a lot more space in outer space than in the oceans.

But they are pretty much equal mysteries.

Just like I’m a mystery to me.

That is why I do the poetry marathon…this will be my fourth time (half marathons)…to explore the mystery.


Advice: Don’t think…don’t plan…try to be present.


So far I have used every prompt given.


The hard part is the discipline to go back and take the shell that was created during the marathon and search for the deeper poem within it.

It’s been a surprising pleasure to go back a week or two later and take the poems in sequence and tweak them…

That has gone much faster than I would expect.

And then a week or two after that – do it again.

The hard part is starting…the easy part is taking a gem and polishing it.


Good luck is the fish that is teasing your bait…just waiting to see if you have the perseverance to keep the line in the water until they forget what they’re doing and bite…


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