Poem 10


Is it different from the sixties?

Are we really changed?

What do we want in life?


There is always a lot:

to be thankful for or

to complain about


and in this country

if you’re white and privileged– to have.


Moon shadows follow us:

reflections of who we

might be

can be

wish to be.


Why are we here?

Is it to learn something?

Is it as random as leaves falling in the breeze?

Or is this time and place perfect for us?


As if a pandemic and a pathological liar president

ganging up on us isn’t enough…maybe there’s a lesson here.


If we learn it, maybe it won’t be so hard next time.

Or maybe just the opposite…it’ll be a real challenge.


None of us know for sure.


So what do we have?


Love, hope and

a shadow we’re

not able to hug.




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