Hour Four





a funny dark cloud

followed little June down her street

one day,

as if to say, “I’d like to make

good use of your time.”


Naturally she scurried away,

closed the door of wood behind her,

only to hear rain thunder.


Running up the stairs to her green bedroom then

she saw out her window

the strange-looking grin on

the cloud that now watched her,

from her bedside,

each night,

awaiting her moment to water June’s sot.


The battle began as a chase

down her street,

but soon turned to war when June saw the

cloud’s feet drawing near as she tried

to make green the flowers close by but,

she lacked something.


The grass would grow dry and June

did not understand

what she did wrong as she bathed

them so carefully. and watered them

in sunlight.


And then would come the

strange cloud once again

she hated her so, and did not want her

near but for some reason,

when that dark cloud was there,

June’s garden could bear much

more color.


Persists made no difference,

June was meant to be friends with

the strange little cloud that

came by and smiled.


Eventually she would not

mind this bond so much but

until then she still scurries from state

to state hoping somehow to dodge the

cloud’s silly face.




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