A Childs Eyes

One morning as a child I went into the forest alone
I was drawn deeper and deeper by magical musical tones
My feet were hurting and my legs started to cramp
Then I finally came to a clearing where a host of Angels held camp
They were singing to the heavens until I came into the clear
Then one smiled and bid me come near
He said ” Remember what you saw today and always keep it dear!”
Suddenly they were gone
I thought I imagined things
Then I looked down and saw a feather left from an angel wing.

One thought on “A Childs Eyes

  1. Oooh, I love the concept of this poem! Reminds me of stories I’ve heard of Saints receiving visions as children. This poem has such a great story quality to it, something that I struggle with in my own writing. So I really love the narrative aspect of it. Keep writing! Blessings 😊

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