The Old Ladies Five

Plucking white hairs out of my already sparse eyebrows

Thank goodness for eyebrow pencil and shadow;

Eyelashes so pale

Look like a sheet of paper;

Out of concealer;

Scraping lipstick out with a brush;

Layer on Foundation;

Paint by numbers on my lids:

Nude palette of eyeshadow

Numbers 8, 3, 10, and 9

Corresponding to

Inner crease, crease, outer crease, bottom lashes

Sultry Angel?  Try again

More like Aging Angel

Drowning in the fountain of youth;

Charcoal Eyeliner;

Miss  Manga mascara,

Eyelash filler applied,

Tarantulas crawling from my eyes;

Blush highlights;

Makeup mist & set

Ready, Set, Mirror!

Not so bad,

Maybe not a Sultry Angel

But not bad.

Next  . . . the hair!

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