Walking dead on a cloudy mountain

I walked through the woods on a foggy mountains with no where to stop.

I came across a big bear with hungry cubs in tow,

I  begun to slow down and hid behind a humongous rocks.

I stopped breathing, so no one could hear me and the only way

To save my life from those hungry scavengers.

I didn’t know that it took them so long to stay close to where I am.

My brain started protesting, to pump more oxygen and

Pretending I played  dead  for more than an hour and my heart stopped,

I’ m brain dead now.

Nightmares terrorized my whole being and the chase won’t stop now,

Hallucinating from fear of death.

I am a walking dead among the maze of Forrest wood and the dark foggy night, lost my way out

Out of the cloudy mountain.






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