Coffee -Poem 10

There is a moonbeam

in my coffee cup

I sip it gently

A hush,

a fog

washes over me

I am no longer concrete

I am no longer damned

I have jumped from my shelf

I am more like a tall, strong fir

Reaching to the sky.

No canteens of water will do

No juice, no flaming alcohol drinks

No carbonated sugar in a tall bottle

Just coffee

Swirling misty coffee

Bracing me for whatever winds

Blow me away from my safe dock

Into the stormy sea



One thought on “Coffee -Poem 10

  1. The beginning 7 lines of this are perfect — especially the first. I’m not sure those, and the lines beginning with ‘Just coffee…’ aren’t all the poem I need, most mornings. Beautifully done, Cindy.

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