Dear Sanity Hour 18

Dear Sanity,

We have reached that place again

The hours grow late

The words jumble into something

I don’t even understand

Each year when we do this

You question me and my motives

Last time you packed your bags

But you returned, I’m glad you returned

This time I see you in the shadows watching me

Seeing me banter back and forth

With the computer, the cat and

the snacks which have replaced my husband as my companion

I know its difficult

It always is when poetry and lack of sleep are involved

But I like to think we have come to an understanding

We need each other

And although I abandon you often

Especially in these creative endeavors

I do need you.

You get me through those long reality filled days

Try to understand

It’s only temporary

It isn’t permanent.

Poetry helps us keep our relationship

I need my space away from reality

From the day to day

We will get through this night Sanity

You and me

We will sleep in tomorrow

We will find our bearings together again

Just hold on a little bit longer

You won’t regret it.

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