Hello Darkness- Hour 19

Hello Darkness my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again

We have done this so many times Darkness

We truly are old friends

Paul Simon knew what he was talking about

I have delved into so many consequences

Philosophies, regrets, personal testimonials

I have been frightened of you at times

Other times you sooth my soul

These days you a refuge from the heat of the day

And the long hours of sunlight and work anguish

I have had those visions softly creeping

Dreams, nightmares, imaginings, epiphanies

Darkness my old friend

I hope you can get me through again

Lend me your simple wisdom

Within the Sounds of Silence

Your voice comes thru

Teaching me, taunting me, but always honest

in your reflection.

One thought on “Hello Darkness- Hour 19

  1. Love your choice of lyric. Like how you have infused it with your own visions softly creeping. Simon and Garfunkel never fail to lift me from the funk. Thank you for helping me hear these echos from the well of silence.

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