Hour 10- Gratitude at hour 10

At this point in the process

Ten hours of waking struggle

My inner muse screaming for help

I can only offer praise

To the bed I love so and abandoned in the middle of the night

Praise to sleeping in until 11 on Saturday mornings

Waking to the glorious sounds of” Shall we go for breakfast?”

I praise coffee, canned cappuccino, brewed fresh, instant cappuccino,

I love them all

And Starbucks, a Frappucino on a hot day

How glorious

How sinful

I praise junk food, malted milk balls

Macadamia Roca

Mixed nuts

Taco Bell tacos and Popsicles

I praise poets,trying to defeat the angry sleep demon

And the blank page

I praise the written word and how it has held me hostage

I praise computers and keyboards and fancy pens in frivolous notebooks

And I praise the short nap I am about to take.


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