Hour 18-Tea



Grandma had her tea

Once at breakfast

Once around lunch time

Green tea

Steeped in her porcelain tea pot

With matching cups

I was invited sometimes

Sitting across from her

My tea weaker

with a spoon of sugar

Hers sweetened with saccharin pills

Mine lightened with milk

We would sip and talk

I felt grown up

Important, almost Victorian


Grandpa never joined us

He was a coffee man himself

But he set up the service for her

Boiled her water on the stove

Filled the pot for her

Added the bags


Their ritual twice a day

Every day


Later when they were gone

Mom and I had our own tea days

Earl Gray and Lemon Zinger

A cup in the microwave

Replaced the whistling kettle

Porcelain tea pots with matching cups

became decorations in the china cabinet


After Mom passed, it was just me

and soon the tea

Became coffee on the run


Sometimes I imagine sitting there

Gently holding the fragile tea cup

I can taste the milk

Hear Grandma’s laugh


Perhaps one day I will buy a box of green tea

Maybe pull out that whistling kettle

Let the tea steep in the Porcelain Teapot

Set out a fragile matching porcelain cup

And sip slowly

The way Grandma taught me





3 thoughts on “Hour 18-Tea

  1. This is adorable!! I tear came out…I visilized that precious moment with your Grandparents, mom, and now you alone. We have the same experience. My tea cups are ready to welcome you one day…

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