Letter to a Younger Me-Hour 11

Dear Divorcing Cindy,

You are heartbroken right now

Lost, alone, aching

Contemplating your whole future

Wallowing in every mistake

every missed piece of evidence

Every lie he told has become your darkness

It isn’t. that’s him not you

I know this hurts

Your core is shaken

All you believed before

Doesn’t apply now.

Your humanity is lost

But you will survive this

Better, you will be stronger

You will be able to love and be loved

So many lovely things in store for you

He won’t be back, I know you want him to be

But you will see that’s best

You will find greater love

Love that doesn’t lie or steal

Love you don’t have to fight for

Love that washes over you when you look in his eyes

There will be better times

Better places

This time will end up meaning so much

Because your growth is enormous

You will find strength from despair

Happiness from your weaknesses

You will see the world

In a whole new light

Don’t give up

Don’t give in to the despair

Hold your head high

And walk away proud


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