Love Song-Hour 20

I would sing at the top of my voice

If I could trust said voice

Across vast wildernesses and mountain ranges

I would echo through the canyons

Screaming my love

My hate, my contempt, my desire

Yes I love you

But you eat at my soul

You truly do

You always have

You are my purpose

You give me my identity and my consolation

You give me my bursts of eloquence

My moments of great achievement

But the pain

The pain, the indecision

Being unable to reach that pinnacle

Let alone have steady readers

I give and give

You take and take

I am raw


Always searching for one more word

One more sentence

I grasp for sanity

and you rip it away

Be a writer I told myself

Now I wish I hadn’t listened

Success eludes me

Hope eludes me

But I hang on

You are my great love

I sing out to you

Reach to you for guidance

Wasted echoes

Wasted words

Wasted melodies

Wasted hours

You are a bitter lover

That seldom gives back

I will sing my love for you

I will never leave you

But sometimes I wish I could


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