Physically Here, Mentally There, Spiritually Everywhere

Prompt 20, Hour 16

I want you to write a poem about a journey, a literal or metaphorical one, but you cannot use the word journey or trip in the poem


Squat crosslegged, backbone erect, shoulders pushed back slightly

Eyesight straight ahead, close eyes gently /

Deeply breathe in, deeply breathe out

Oblivious to time and whereabout /

Imagine … Physically here but Mentally there

There on top of a mountain, the wind in your hair /

There on a sandy beach, hear the sea gull’s shrill cry

There under the night sky, looking up at the stars that mystify /

There in dense forests, birds butterflies flutter among green trees

Mind flies Anywhere, Somewhere, Everywhere…and Life gets a new lease /

Imagine … Mentality there and Spiritually everywhere !






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