The main ingredient has arrived
All eyes on me
What the fuck you looking at
(Fuck you mean)
Bitch you on know me

Im da gatekeeper
(Wont let yo ass in)
Queen of the damned
(Won’t forgive you for your sins)
Goddess of the people
(But I only save my ends)

If I use to know you
Then tell me how I did
Cuz if it ain’t about the money
Negus we ain’t never been friends
(Naw who the fuck you BE)

I’m the kundalini pusher a mediating gangster
I put hexes on your exes and they’ll wish they did you better

The fact
Stick and stones will always break bones
But words
like black lives
Most definitely Matter
They bring you close then draw you in tell stories you might not want to end
It’s what you wanna hear
misleading, instilling fear
Cry for help out in the dark
So there’s never time for the latter


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