Before Darkness- Poem #3 From Prompt by Ingrid Exner- Half Marathon 2016

Before Darkness…

I rise like the Sun!


Before Darkness…

My soul dances

in praise

of the new day!


Before Darkness…

My thoughts buzz like


humming of bees.

Images and expressions

take wing

like beautiful butterflies

floating freely.

My thoughts are as free

as the air itself!

And, my spirit sings!

All this,

Before Darkness.


Before Darkness

There is light.

And, great insight.

The darkness welcomes others

but it is NOT for me.

Darkness is simply

a collection of moments

whose worth,

I do not see.


Ingrid Exner, 2016.


4 thoughts on “Before Darkness- Poem #3 From Prompt by Ingrid Exner- Half Marathon 2016

    1. Thanks Joyce! I think that I was made with an extra dose of positivity-lol 🙂 I hope you are enjoying the marathon/ half marathon! There are so many talented poeets from around the world. Me, I am just writing and enjoying 🙂 Are you doing the full? Thanks for the comments! How can we do searches to see specific peoles poems…I would like to see yours too!

  1. Ingrid, I’m doing the full 24 hours. I got behind on posting, working on it. I’ve written every hour but haven’t posted everything yet. To see specific peoples posts go to participants and click their name to see their posts. Good luck

  2. Thanks Joyce! Take care and take those breaks when needed. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the marathon. #12 will be my last poem. I am still stiff from the canoe trip and can’t sit for any longer! I will look for more of your poems tomorrow. Good luck and stay perky, focus and awake 🙂

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