Hello, Thank you and Introduction

Hi Everyone! My name is Ingrid. This might be my fourth or fifth half marathon…I can’t remember for sure. All I can remember is that I love this opportunity to come together and write for either 12 hours or 24. I have never done the full poetry marathon myself and, I admire those who take on this task! I have not decided on a full plan for the half and I will leave stocking up on the snacks until closer to the date. I am excited to be participating this year as I have had a few eye surgeries and just feel likeI haven’t been able to put too much on paper (or screen) this year! I will be on the screen and also taking my time to give my eyes breaks away from the screen. I have read Caitlin’s plan and always look forward to learning more styles of poetry…I may just borrow a few form examples from her. For those new this year…welcome! Pace yourself, have fun and enjoy this amazing opportunity! xo i.e.

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