Poem #6 from Prompt #6 ” Sunrise” by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon 2020

I rise in


Humidity and heat

hang heavy in thick air.

Clothes stick and

I rush out and gulp

fresh morning air.

Light summer breezes

carry me to



Pre-dawn Darkness-






Tern calls overhead-

screaming Morning.

White Light marks horizon

separating dark water

from Sky.

Inhale freshness-

Smell of Dew!

Horizon line shakes as

Water- Sky lighten.

Fiery reds and yellows

blaze onto horizon-moving up Sky

as Morning moves in and speaks through the Sun.

Shimmering glory sparkles on water.

Sky radiates Gold!

Ingrid Exner, Poem #6, Poetry Half Marathon 2020



5 thoughts on “Poem #6 from Prompt #6 ” Sunrise” by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon 2020

    1. Thanks Stef! It is hard to decide which poem to edit and submit. I like this one too. It fills me with a great sense of peace and also I can identify with the universality aspect…I am just wondering about space in the anthology and because of that, I may choose to submit the Recipe for Jumping For Joy…just to save space. I think we get to submit two…maybe?

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