Prompt #8 and Translation 8 by Ingrid Exner-Tiger…Tiger Emojii…

The prompt is an emoji version of Tyger Tyger by William Blake. But, I think it is missing emoji stanzas.

Here’s the shortened version translated.


My Translated  Version

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

In the forest that burns bright.

What immortal ghost do you see?

Put your hands up in horror, scream

and run far from thee.


Translation by Ingrid Exner, 2020

4 thoughts on “Prompt #8 and Translation 8 by Ingrid Exner-Tiger…Tiger Emojii…

  1. So fun!

    I skipped this prompt because I just couldn’t grasp it – but, I agree with Jana: You nailed it!

    Nicely done (and I love Tyger Tyger by William Blake, definitely one of my favorite poems! Great translation!)

    1. I love the works of Blake as well. Thank you. I did the best I could but I don’t know if any of his poems were supposed to be translated in such a way-lol!

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