The Unearthing Poem 5 and Prompt 5 by Ingrid Exner

It came with

no set of instructions

no diction nor dialogue

A collection of old cameras, watches, photographs,

tea cups and toys

marking my family’s

movement on earth.

Yellowed newspaper dated 1920

cradled a flowery porcelain tea cup

that once held my¬† great grandmother’s lips.

A black and white photo showed my nana

proudly dressed in her tennis whites

gazing longingly…

More pocket watches were unearthed

trapped in timelessness decades ago!

Rattling at the bottom of our Family Time Capsule


three small tin matchbox cars .

My father’s eyes flicked with amazement

and childhood amusement.

Now, it is my turn

to stop time-leave my mark

be immortalized

leave my buried treasure.

12 thoughts on “The Unearthing Poem 5 and Prompt 5 by Ingrid Exner

    1. Thanks Siobhan! I don’t know if this is my strongest poem in terms of technique but it brought back some lovely memories while writing. Thanks for enjoying this and commenting.

  1. Unearthing is a great word. I found the hour too short to produce this time-capsule poem, so really really admire what you’ve done here. It reads like snapshots one after another. Great poem!

    1. Thank you Katrina!!! I find that during these half and full marathons, the muse or our inspiration just takes over…At some point, I get so tired and lost in the writing that images just flow into words and visa versa. Thanks for commenting and enjoying this poem. I too find that the hour is quick and this year, I was trying to write them even more quickly 15-20 minutes to save my eyesight and not strain the eyes.

  2. I appreciate the philosophical gorgeousness of the poem’s promise and presumptive assurance of immortalization.

    I also like how the images flash

    the last line reads like a question is being asked while making the statement. Not sure if its a technique but it does leave me wonderfully puzzled.

    Love it!

    1. Thank you Ivan! And thank you for noticing all the different layers. Initially, I thought I was writing a whimsical poem but as it took shape, I like where it was going and added to the unearthing potential and immortalizing qualities theme. We are currently living in a time of great unearthing (from feelings, to abilities to pre-historic bones)…the poem sort of took this on and I have been influenced by and reading about a lot of recent discoveries…

  3. Yes!! I love picturing the family heirlooms and treasures and how they impacted those seeing them again – the memories etched into each one. What a great way to end the poem – harkening to the next generation!

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