22nd poem – 22nd hour – Marathon – Noon


Meet me at noon
On our special high street
I’ll be standing by the fruit shop where Gallagher will just be arriving,
Noodles before him on leash
Barking excitedly at the passers by who will just walk on by or stop to pat his bobbing head as he coils up from their touch, retrieving himself into the bustling little life of the little shop we know so well

Come in your velvet nightdress
I’ll come in my pajamas
Like the first time we kissed
Under the smothering moon light

Come with your hair down
I like it when you let your hair down
Reminds me of the scent of sweet wild berries and your arresting perfume
That now fills my senses as i write you this letter

Let it be tomorrow
When you come and what may
I hope only that i will have a little more than today

Come with the tear stained pyramid i bought you in paris
It will collect your tears
If i’m mistaken in my math
It will remind you that i would have been there
On our special high street
Where the ghosts of romance may choose not to play fair

Come tomorrow
Come at noon so the world will see that i met a goddess whose tears will prick her lover and worshipper from this dimension

Come tomorrow
Remember to come at noon
Hopefully it will pass quickly
Hopefully the pain will pass too

9 thoughts on “22nd poem – 22nd hour – Marathon – Noon

  1. Hi Ivan! Noon is brilliantly done, and I love it. This is quite a remarkable work to come from the picture you chose. I love the repetition of “meet me at noon” in all its different shorthand forms. The verbs you use in the scene with Noodles are great. The whole poem is exceptional, really. Not something I say lightly. But my two favorite stanzas are 2 and 3. So much emotion is packed into what you say…and what you don’t say. It does sound bittersweet, as another of our fellow poets said…but my hope is that if you want to see her at noon that noon comes quickly and the outcome is more perfect than you can imagine! If this all flowed from the Muse and there is no romance…well, good on you for following the Muse so well. No matter what, no matter the challenges that try to trip you up, don’t stop writing, my friend. You are a gifted poet. The world needs you. I don’t do Insta or Twitter, but I’m on LinkedIn and Facebook. I’d enjoy hearing from you, if you’d like.

    1. I actually cried reading your comment 😭The tears sting my eyes still as i keep it in the forefront of my consciousness. I deeply appreciate your appreciation. Thank you so much Beth. You’re an angel. I certainly will be reaching out to connect. Definitely. Thanks again 🤗

  2. Aww…Ivan, you are an amazing poet. I’m glad my comment touched your heart. I understand, because many of your comments brought tears to my eyes, too. Please know that I only say what I mean. You’re welcome so much. 🙂 I’m glad you connected with me.

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