24th Poem – 24th hour – Marathon – Funny Magic

Funny Magic

I troubled Saunta for a little elfling
Paddling a gigantic canoe
Saunta saw my request and asked me to trouble her a little more or just a little

I asked why
She gave a simple sigh
Then said to take what i’ve asked for
A thing whose evidence was not before asking eyes

She said to look in the middle and take what i’ve asked for
I said how when i see not even the colour
Then took my hand gently
Asking me to count the stars in the night sky

Finding that she was so insistent
I started to count
But the plenitude caused a pained finger to give
Then she said i shall now understand
That to ask is to be given
For if abundance where blest to the earth in her magnificient limitlessness
That what kind is blest to its keeper whose orju resonates if tuned well with the place where all things good and bad come from

I had no answer but saw the logic
So i calmed down in my asking and allowed a funny magic

My chuckle is endless for ludicrousness and no troubling the motions seemed to have caused to manifest

My lttle Elfling in a wild space of platinum
Where my eyes saw many quiet waters and soft sails rest

The huge gift was wrapped up for me
And placed in my living room treasure chest

The real gift was not the evidence of the funny magic
But the knowing of it

Saunta left me a true treasure
One without any measure

Thank you Saunta

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