15th poem – 15th hour – Marathon – Metal magic bird

Metal magic bird

Far far and up above
Far far within turbulent skies
I rest my head by the window seat
Headphones and calming music
My cruise jazz on repeat

Being the eagle
Comes like a natural walk
Feeling the death trap
On the bird’s magic
Presents its own thrill

Long long
I wake to see my papa sigh
He talks to a pretty lady seated across the aisle
I look to count the life on the ground from a distance through my little window
My eyes end upon something in the clouds
Something i’m not sure i understand

Short short now
I hear a woman’s voice give direction
Touchdown is nigh
A thought that causes some satisfaction
In this magic up high

We had the ride on the metal bird
And felt the relief
So many times i’ve had my window seat
With the hooked wonder that in the vast upper seas, this magic metal bird stands but a leaf

Metal bird
Metal magic bird

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