5am – prompt 22

Dear Lord,

Let my soul be at rest once more

Swallowed up in the contentment

Of resting in Your arms.

Please save me from the darkness

That I am so easily entrapped in

Stone walls towering in my mind

A maze I can’t escape.

The sins and fears that haunt me

I face over and again

The same old troubles which still stop me

To the point that I’m ashamed

Who is knocked down by the same monster

Again and again and again?

Lord, I know You’re patient with me

I know You’re by my side

Though I know I should rise when I’ve fallen

– Sometimes I just don’t want to try.

But You’re patient, kind, merciful;

You’re with me,

You won’t leave me here to die.

Not because I try my best

Or somehow earn Your smile

Will You carry me through.

You’ll lift me from darkness because You are faithful,

Even when I’m not;

That’s just what You do.

So my dear God, I thank you

I could never live without You.

Though sometimes I still try,

As I’m sometimes still a fool

And old ghosts in my mind

Lead me away from You.

Show me how to face the monsters, God

Let me see the Way

Using good to overcome evil

To see light brighter than the day.

The brightest light of all:

Please remind me that I’m loved,

And help me give that love to others

– That graced┬álove from above.

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