Hour Twelve: Ascension

Hour Twelve: Ascension

The same person, cheerful, moving,
Laid the groundwork for exception,
Has a penchant for disaster
To call attention to status, luxury, and a staircase to nowhere
There, opened, is exuberant love.
(An erasure poem created using the New Yorker review of Mercado Little Spain restaurant in the June 10 & 17, 2019, issue)

3 thoughts on “Hour Twelve: Ascension

  1. I agree with authorhj and jennrifervera with the favourite line and the kudos! I offer a poetry workshop where we ‘play’ with poetry and I always include a cookbook for the blackout/erasure poems. Using a review of a restaurant was a great idea and showcases how one can pull themes and imagery from other’s words – can evoke an emotional response in the reader. Thank you!

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