Hour 8: Post 8: The Daydreamer

Creativity, chaos, illusions and dreams

Sadness, laughter, anxiety and defeat

This is what makes me who I am

Thoughts so scattered you couldn’t try and piece them together if you tried

Memories so embedded into my brain that I couldn’t carve them out with a knife if I needed to

Regrets that burn so deep, no amount of medicine can take away the sting

This is what it’s like living with demons inside your head

All they do is continually wish you dead

Remaining strong and grounded is a chore that most people couldn’t even believe

Yet I wake up every morning

Battling the same thoughts, day after day

Proving to myself and the world that while I may sometimes just live in a daydream

I’m also the hero in my own, unspoken, unappreciated story

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