Cancel the Band…no dancing tonight!


Cancel the band…no dancing tonight!

Under the Canopy
out at the Lake
the wedding took place
though it was a mistake

The bride knew for weeks
he was not the right guy
but she just couldn’t handle
saying “goodbye”

She put on her makeup
and dressed up in lace
repeated the vows
with a veil o’er her face

Then …after the wedding
in front of the guests
with the moon shining down
she was put to the test

a pain in her breastbone
was cause for alarm
Panic set in …
She grabbed the groom’s arm

Here they were
in all of their Glory
but this would be
the end of their story

The Jeep was decorated
packed and ready to go…
till the Honeymoon ended
when She finally said “NO!”

2 thoughts on “Cancel the Band…no dancing tonight!

  1. I love lyrical poetry and rhyming couplets. This is an excellent poem and flows very nicely! I love the theme. It builds nicely and comes to a great end! Fantastic and fun to read!

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