The Road I’ve Taken

Robert Frost wrote about the Road NOT Taken
I won a first place reading it in a high school speech contest
It is still one of my favorites.
NOW..I will write about the ROAD I’ve TAKEN


My sins piled up high as a mountain
You said You’ve forgiven them all
I was like the Samaritan Woman…
so ashamed and feeling small

You told her about Living Water
You said it would quench her thirst
You gave her a new path to follow
to take her away from the Worst

I, too, was searching for answers
when the road to recovery appeared
in the midst of the valley of heartache
I was rescued from what I had feared

You led me beside streams of water
I laid down in the pastures of green
I gained strength to climb the mountains
for a view I had never seen

What a wonder is Your Creation
even I am “Fearfully, Wonderfully made”
and since You’ve been walking with me
I do not need to be afraid

wherever the path does take me
I will never again be alone
You Are the Great Shepherd of lost sheep
Thank you Lord…for You call me Your Own

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