Prompt #11 (2014 Prompt)

Prompt for Hour Eleven

Half Marathoners are entering the end stretch and Marathoners are approaching the half way point. Hopefully everyone is doing well and writing a lot of poems.

The prompt for hour eleven is to write a poem about someone, but to break the poem up into ten short numbered parts. Not all the parts have to be explicitly about the person, some can describe there dress and behavior, others can make more obscure references to their style of speech. The details are entirely up to you.

Humble and hardworking
Terese -gentle soul.

Always greets others
with a warm smile.

She doesn’t have much.
She lives within her means.

She loves her tea with biscuits
and loves all things vintage.

She limps because of her bunions
you can tell they are a pain in the way she walks.

Terese- my friend and my neighbor
mother figure.

She doesn’t like shopping and
prefers wearing hand me downs which she still carries elegantly.

She speaks country Aussie
and devours books on British royals and novels.

Her garden always looks immaculate
something I envy about her.

Her walk is tired, her shoulders dropped.
Her hair is always unmade.
but she’s fit as a fiddle even for 76.

She calls me lovieĀ and is so endearing.
She will send me a note in my mailbox to fix a date tea time.

Terese doesn’t own a mobile phone
nor does she have the internet.
She’s pretty old fashioned that way.

She keeps active and has a social circle
she loves her tennis and walks.

On Sundays she has all her sons over
she cooks up quite a storm to feed her 4 hungry boys.

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