Prompt #16

A long hard road,
lay ahead of me.
I didn’t know how long it was,
I didn’t know when it would end.
So I kept walking through the forages
cutting past my doubts
facing my fears,
all the while
Dealing with the reality of the situation.
That nobody could save me,
Only I could save myself
The truth was, I was all alone.

Paranoia preyed at my sanity
shaking the roots of everything I believed in…
I started questioning myself
hoping the answers would appear.

But it didn’t happen like that way.
I fought tooth and nail
and hard for myself.
But,sometimes that too wasn’t enough.

It was cold and unforgiving,
Treacherous …
My body started caving in,
My mind still focused.

img Davide Foti


I kept moving on,
even when I didn’t have
the strength in my legs to walk
I crawled….
Trained my eyes
to look for the light
at the end of the tunnel.

Until one day a
glimmer of light
caught my eye.
I focused all my energy
towards the light,
Before I knew it,
the ordeal was over.

I survived!
I made it out alive!

-Janice Raquela Mendonca

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