Prompt 19 (hour #5 2020)

So this year I thought I’d shake things up a bit and challenge myself, so I am mixing up the prompts and attempting them in no organised order I am simply following where my heart guides me
Also my original idea was to get the words on the image itself which I terribly failed at.  🙁

Just to refresh (Prompt #5 of 2020- Using one or more of these images as a jumping off point, write a poem. All of the images are sourced from Unplash.)


Vows Micro poem #1

From this moment on…
I chose you,
My heart chose you.


Micro poem #2

You stayed
You loved me at my lowest
You carved a niche in my heart.


Micro poem #3

You inspire me to be myself again.


Micro poem #4

That’s love, she whispered.

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