Prompt #19 Heightened Sensitivity – A Collaboration with Numb -Prompt #4

Prompt #4 Numb

Prompt #4 Numb

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Dead from the inside 
I am numb.
A complete shut down
unresponsive to the external.
Immovable, life wasting away.
Tired eyes and hungry heart
all dead in a row.
No thirst to quench
no dreams to conquer
powerless in one way
powerful in another
- nothing affects me.

Nothing to lose,
no fear, no feelings, 
no attachment, no sorrow, 
Just the bottomless pit 
of nothingness -encroaching.
Overtaking... overcoming...
infectious and familiar
It feels comfortable, 
I am doomed anyway, 
Damned if I do,
Damned if I don't.

Hopelessness looms 
like a shadow. 
Wasted life, 
Wasted years,
The Pointlessness of the point,
at the edge of reason 
and lingering disappointment.

Far from any harm,
removed and isolated
detached and unemotional, 
I let that shit go. 

Only to dive deep
Head first into the chaos of living.
The madness of emotions.
The passage through life.

I am waking up,
Undoing these chains 
that have held me down 
for far too long.
I am becoming human.
I am living. 

I open the doors 
and let it surge.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca 

Heightened Sensitivity


The flood gates burst forth

Let them in
Life so consumed 
Crowded by so many things
waiting to be felt, 
Waiting for some sort of response.

Smack dab in harms way
involved and participated.
So many emotions 
which should I feel
Indecisiveness takes over. 

I want to break free
I want to let go
but I can't escape.

I want to become invincible, 
I want to become powerful.

I am human, 
I am not perfect.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca

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