Prompt 24 (Hour #5 2020)


So this year I thought I’d shake things up a bit and challenge myself, so I am mixing up the prompts and attempting them in no organised order I am simply following where my heart guides me
Also my original idea was to get the words on the image itself which I terribly failed at.  🙁

Just to refresh (Prompt #5 of 2020- Using one or more of these images as a jumping off point, write a poem. All of the images are sourced from Unplash.)

Micropoem #1

Fly me to the moon my love,
on wings of pure light
lead the way
to the promised lands
of forgotten tomorrows.
Maybe darkness and light
can create an ethereal symphony,
like the one before our eyes.
With you by my side,
all my dreams do come true.

Micropoem #2

My love has no beginning
and no end,
like space -it is in a state of infinity.

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