Prompt #9 Coffee Anthem (2014 Prompt) This was a real challenge

This hour your challenge is to write a poem about coffee . Although there is one tiny catch. You can never use the words coffee, beans, black, milky, cafe, or caffeine in this poem. You must convey the idea of coffee, of drinking it, without ever mentioning these words.

Obviously, this is a little tricky. If you want to write a first draft containing these words, go right ahead. But then you must edit them out.

The challenge of this prompt is to convey something without stating it. It is also fun to challenge one’s mind to use new and different language to describe something you encounter everyday, even if you don’t drink it yourself.


A perfect blend of hopes and dreams,
My shot of energy during the day,
My cup of opportunity in the morning
You make me feel like I can take on anything the world throws at me…
Hitting all the right notes
you are so good to me.

My day doesn’t begin without you in my system.
A cup or two to get me through the pile of workload.

You make the impossible, possible.

You are my power savior.

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