PROMPT NO20 (Hour #5 2020)

So this year I thought I’d shake things up a bit and challenge myself, so I am mixing up the prompts and attempting them in no organised order I am simply following where my heart guides me
Also my original idea was to get the words on the image itself which I terribly failed at.  🙁

Just to refresh (Prompt #5 of 2020- Using one or more of these images as a jumping off point, write a poem. All of the images are sourced from Unplash.)

Micro poem #1

To have hope in your heart is strength in itself.

Micro poem #2

The light never died,
It was inside you all along.

2 thoughts on “PROMPT NO20 (Hour #5 2020)

  1. As simple as Micropoem 2 is, it is also very profound. Plus honestly I think we all have times when we can’t seem to find even the smallest sliver of light peeking through our own personal valleys of darkness, and we need to be reminded we carry it with us, it doesn’t have to be found from any external light source.

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