“I ran out of time for this one, but I’m curious where it will go when I have a good amount of time to really sit with it and think about the bodies of woman saints. Who knows where it will go.” -Jessica


These men found the preserved body of Saint Cecillia in the basement
of a church. Another woman named saint because she managed
not to have sex and not to decompose for eight hundred years. Or maybe

someone else decided she didn’t had sex because if the body is incorruptible
in one way, it must also be uncorrupted in another. And besides,
a woman can only be one or the other, right? Anyway, some other men

found the preserved body of Saint Clare of the Poor Clares and paraded
it to the Pope. Later they found her bones were tied together
with silver wire, cloth, and pitch. Her body corrupted by stranger’s hands.

The skin of woman preserves so much easier than her stories do.

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