Death and the Ark

The sun shone brightly,
we, children of our parents
playing effortlessly, laughing, running, not a care in the world.

Soldiers marching in the street
people lifelessly falling to the earth, rat-a-tat-tat,rat-a-tat,
distant scared-to-death-screaming, scrambling to get under-cover.

Please, God, let me hide, in the closet, a soldier screams loudly to the little girl in German.

As i close my eyes, the vision of pooling red blood is all i can see as i lay quietly praying not to be noticed.

Walking, walking, walking, alone.
I see a hill in the distance,
people weary, hungry, scared,
carrying weeping babies, ushering the elderly up higher with each labored breath.

Where is my brother? I can’t see my parents as I search the crowds that are gathering at the top.

There are sheep, goats, cows, ducks, dogs! Where is my dog, is she here? I frantically call her name, then stop abruptly when i see a tall, humble looking younger man leading those who are gone astray to an Ark!

Tho’it’s on a hill in the form of a building, i slowly enter and see my brother and my dog!

What a joyous occasion! We are all safe for now, far away from the fighting and chaos. But where
are my parents?

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