Depression Rejection

I had a talk with my depression today

I told him that I’m tired of the

doubt he makes me feel toward


I told him that I’m tired

of all the self loathing

and him controlling all

of my emotions.

I told him that I’m done allowing

his influence on me,

I can no longer in good

conscience stand idly by

as he continues to drain

every facet of this life

that is mine.

I told him that

I’m getting up from

this ledge and that

he no longer has

the edge.

I told him that

Today I break away

from all things negative

Today I start again

freshly renewed.

I told him that

Today is the first day

I begin the next chapter

of my existence without

him weighing me down

like an anchor in

my emotional ocean.

we’ve been here

before he and I but this

time it’s different

this time it’s concrete

this time I refuse to

offer my soul as a

sacrifice upon the

altar in which he seeks.


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