She smelled like fresh linen and lavender

as we embraced one another with our arms

wrapped firmly around each other as if

we were shielding ourselves from the

world itself.

Her lips tasted like a sweet mix of watermelon

and strawberries no doubt a result of the lip gloss

she always kept in her purse.

Here I felt safe

Here I felt complete

Here in her arms was everything

I had ever dreamed.

Dreams turned into nightmares

memories forever scattered

on the floor of my mind

like broken glass.

Picking up the pieces

of a life that I left

behind when I allowed

myself to become entangled

in all of your lies.

And despite the many oppositions

from those who have my best

interest at heart

I chose to continue to play

my part in the role never actually

casts for me.

I guess I should’ve read the fine print

because then I would’ve known

that I wasn’t your lover at all

I was just your understudy.

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