24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”




We all stood in wide circle

The last toast of champagne

The evening went as quickly

As the teasing champagne


I helped with the jackets

And offered Tupperwared portions

And any wine

That was sitting in unconquered portions


I walked out to the driveway

With the satiated company

For the goodbye waves

As they drove away from my company


But there was no loneliness

Just joy

A reflection of thankfulness

The most fulfilling kind of joy


I knew something was forgotten

There always is, I was aware

And I saw a silk scarf

On a now lonesome chair, so unaware


DeaBeePea  6-27-20

2 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. This poem leaves me breathless with possibility. You use the scarf as a great hook to leave us wondering. Your narrative is delightful, and your word choices (Tupperwared!) superb. I love the way you reuse a word but set it in contrast to the first meeting. Maybe this was a prompt i missed, and you succeded!

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