The Ballad of the Bullet

Bob Armstrong lost the match, so he’s gotta leave town

There’s no one left to stop the Flame from burning Dothan down

No one is left to save folks in Pensacola, they all might just drown


But rumors around Montgomery say a Savior is on the way

He’s a masked man who’s tough enough to join the Continental fray

A man who’s bad to the bone, and he’s gonna make them all pay


He will take on Ron Fuller, Jos Le Duc and the Mongolian Stomper too

He’s a natural born hero, who stands for everything good and true

There won’t be one single bad guy left standing when this hero is through


The Bullet is loaded for bear and headed down to fight

He will be at the Houston County Farm Center this Friday night

He will avenge his best friend Bob and make everything all right


The Bullet is coming to clear the snakes from the Wiregrass

When the last bell rings Friday night and everything has come to pass

Stories will be told forever of the time The Bullet opened an Armstrong sized can of whoop ass.

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