Table for Two (last poem)

I sat waiting
And waiting
And deep down I had already known
His true inner self he had really shown

I had chosen the backdrop and it was stunning.
Desperate for romance, I looked at the sparkling Ocean
And recalled the last time I had been there
Had been under better circumstances
I was lying to my friends, “He’s awesome”
and to myself, “We can make this work.”

Our lives were too different.
He was confused and I was working through my own stuff.
Together, it was horrid.
A bad reality show that didn’t deserve to be on the air.

Trying too hard to put him into my life
I want fun and supportive, not more strife.
I can make myself feel badly without anyone’s help.
I sighed. Ordered another drink.

How did it take me this long to see?
Bam! That’s when I realized, I’m better off with a Table for Me.

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