Hour 21 – Oscar was Wilde

The rich are far too opulent

to bleed for a Cause

and besides, Causes have no place

pleading to the rich.

It would only make them unhappy

and if the rich do not feel content in their mansions,

who would be available for mindless gossip?

Everyone knows gossip is the lifeblood of society. Without it, what would people say to each other?

Talking about art has its limits. After all, art is only there to make the rich look cultured.

They all said Oscar was Wilde but behind closed doors, the rich were fucking like possessed monkeys.

Only those who fell out of the trees were exposed, so to speak.

So let the Causes be the business of the poor so the rich can maintain their façade.

It is really all they have. Well, apart from fabulous wealth of course.

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