El Regalo-The Gift (24th hour 2020)-prompt

I come from a long line of brujas y brujeros

Santa, Santo, santeros

I have felt the Orishas work their way through me

as the bestowed this gift upon me

A message from the almighty

The sight to see beyond the seen

When the color yellow washes over me

with River waters

Honeycombs stick to my body

making me thick and sweet

I am made to speak in tongues

Sing in Africano

Dance una bomba que tembla

the very fabric of our beings

I can wash away your sorrows

with a happiness that you can borrow

and a love that unconditionally speaks truth

This gift that was given to me was so that I can share it with you.

2 thoughts on “El Regalo-The Gift (24th hour 2020)-prompt

  1. I LOVE THIS. It’s your first I’ve read, and I’m going to read more, but I just had to comment. I am also Puerto Rican and almost did my dissertation on the power allowed women in the Santeria tradition. I recorded a 10-minute performance piece performed by a group in Havanna several years ago. You have a very mysterious feel to your writing, typical to all the great Spanish writers.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Why didn’t you get to do your dissertation on that topic? Sounds like it would have been a great one to cover. Thank you again, I hope you’ll get to read the rest of mine. I’m gonna go through some poems myself this weekend.

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